Living Water

As followers of Jesus Christ, we each are given spiritual gifts to encourage and edify the Body of Christ.  This page, is not a representation of any special gifting, but one that I believe all followers have; hearing the voice (and heart of God). John 10:27.

I think there is a fear around hearing the Lord and putting to pen His heart and why this is rather uncommon among us.  Hearing the Lord is not limited to writing His words, but also there are those who preach – not of their own words, but His and when we are in the hearing of such, it moves us in the inner core.  Either way, the Lord speaks – through us if we allow Him.  Our hearing comes from yielding to the Spirit and tuning in.  That when we ask, to actually believe we will hear an answer.  There is a side of caution though, as for some wrong motivation may be at play and room for the evil one to take the place of God.   Anyone who hears Him must also make sure all that is said, is aligned in His Word.  It will never be anything new – but will expound of what already is.

Out of my hearing His voice, I have a collection of snippets that are for all, who would have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying and will add them here as the Lord leads.


Freedom from what Binds

The Treasure from Heaven