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The Tares Among Us

Anyone who claims Christ as their Lord and Savior – and continues to walk in their flesh lusts; in pride and is self-seeking is a liar. This is what makes up Christendom; all those who practice their religion their way and remain condemned in their sins and know nothing of the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are ever learning but never come to this truth; 2 Tim 3:6-8. They have ears that do not hear and eyes that do not see because they refuse to repent of their sins. They are bound in fear and led by much misery in their lives. They are not happy people and have many complaints and are unthankful. They may be very good at giving a false impression, but those closest will see what is true. They speak the language of faith but live in unbelief. These are the tares that Jesus talks about that the evil one has sowed into the Kingdom of God; Matt 13:24-30. They look like they are in the faith at a distance, but upon closer review, they expose themselves.

Daily Walk with Jesus

We must be careful in who we regard as brothers or sisters in Christ. Our inner circle by the nature of the kingdom of God will be relatively small, for narrow is the way, and few will desire to find it. If we would notice, the tares are of the evil one meaning they belong to Satan. Is it our job to try to change a tare into wheat? No, this is impossible. If we are not sure they are a tare or just a confused soul? Reveal the contradiction you see in them – to them, then back away and pray for them.  To continue to include them as a faithful brother or sister is to participate in their lie.


My passion is Jesus. My desire is to share Him with others. My prayer is that He is glorified.

One thought on “The Tares Among Us

  1. How true! Narrow is the way and very few find it. We must be so carful of them and not get caught up in the lies of the evil one. We are in the last days. Let us continue to keep looking up, for our redemption draws near. Praise! And thank you for this wisdom of His truth.


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