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Fear is Fantasy

Fear is at the top of what competes for our attention today and what seems to be taking over. As I was pondering fear, this dropped into my mind:

Fear is a fantasy that looks for victims to enact itself.  

We know that fear is a spirit, as 2 Timothy 1:7 reveals. ONLY when we consent to this spirit will it have power over us and able to fulfill its intention.

Daily Walk with Jesus

One of the strategies of the enemy is to seek to be undiscovered. Our strategy is to not deny we have an enemy and it is not flesh and blood; Ephes 6:12.

We ask the Lord to reveal to us where we may have become a slave to fear. Daily, we look and root out fear from our minds and close all doors that bring it in.  We are in Christ, and so are no longer a slave to fear, and so are not ones who entangle themselves in the miseries and confusion of the world!  Jesus Christ gives us His wisdom and counsel; Is 11, and will navigate the world that is laden in land-mines.  The Body of Christ will stand out, not in protest nor in a fear induced compliance but because we contain Peace, by the Prince of Peace – that the world cannot know nor understand!



My passion is Jesus. My desire is to share Him with others. My prayer is that He is glorified.

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