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We have so much freedom to go to our Father and ask Him anything – what a blessed people we truly are!   I find that I keep asking for the same things in many different ways.  One day, I believe the Lord gave me something of great value in regard to gaining deeper knowledge for our spiritual growth and health.  I was impressed by the Holy Spirit to ask the Lord to give to me the questions He wants me to ask Him.  It wasn’t long after I did so, that I felt the question come – and I ask the Lord this question it was an amazing open door to many other aspects and avenues to my spiritual walk and life with the Lord.  Sometimes we are so focused on our immediate problems, challenges and all the rest that we ask God for the needs we have there and in some cases we feel He has not heard nor answered our requests.  James says that we do not have because we ‘ask amiss’ James 4:2-3.  God sees the end from the beginning, and is waiting for us to ask Him the question that needs asking and the only way to know this, well, is to go directly to God; ‘Father, I pray you give to me the question that I most need asking today,  for you know everything about me and my life.’

Our Daily Walk with Jesus

Make it our habit to ask the Lord to give us the question He wants us to ask Him.  To realize that as we ask the questions that He wants us to ask, is a guarantee He will provide for us all that His heart desires to reveal to us.

How exciting our walk with Jesus  becomes – as He reveals to us His heart to a soul who wants to know it.  Amen!



My passion is Jesus. My desire is to share Him with others. My prayer is that He is glorified.

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