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Living Water’s Flow

We as those who are filled with the Spirit of the Living God are truly glorious vessels!  We have rivers of living water flowing in us and out of us!   I was talking a walk along a river near my home to reach and take delight in the beautiful falls.  In my walk, I felt the Lord describe to me our (Christian) walk with Him as compared to the river.  I felt impressed that the desire of the Lord is for us is to be as vibrant, and alive as this very loud and exciting river was.  The river seemed to come alive and was full of joy and such health and reason for praise – as are we as we flow in the river of God.  Then, as I continued on this wonderful tour I was being led, I saw a portion of water that had become stagnant because it deviated from the river’s flow and became trapped.  It was black and full of mosquitos and their larva.  Such notable contrast yet this had been the same water that was full of life!  I felt the heart of God, as I looked at this – very somber at those who are led into a dead and diseased body of water (religion) – who say it is of God!  In truth, the water that flows is of God, but will die if it is cut off from His will! John 15.  I was stunned at the revelation in this visual He gave me.  The vitality I felt and exhilaration climaxed when I reached the falls.  Before even seeing them, as I was approaching they could be heard and the refreshing mist in the air was felt.  The stunning display left me in awe, for it was not just waterfalls I was seeing, but God seemed to be teaching me how He views a life that fears no one, but the Living God – before my very eyes!  A life fully yielded to the power, glory, and honor of the Living God – in the spirit is just as these falls.  I could scarcely take in what I was hearing in spirit for its powerful truth, wonder and beauty;  God longs for us to be vessels that He can flow through – to display such glory, the only thing holding Him back, is us.  To get to the place of such awe comes only when we fear no one, nor look for approval from human beings, but will only fear the Living God and delight to do His will – no matter what it is or its cost.

Our Daily Walk with Jesus

Our lives in Christ are flowing with Living Water and the more we open ourselves up to the Word the greater capacity we have to become alive in His Spirit, even like a waterfall for Him!   God speaks to us daily of who He is, and who we are in Him – through His Word and as we incline our heart and ear to Him.  Like anything in life, if we really want it, we will do what we can to get it.  The River of God, is our Mission here on earth, to explore it and live in it.  If we don’t feel ‘alive’ with the rivers of living water in us – we must stop – and confess to the Lord we have landed ourselves in that dead and diseased pool and cry to Him for the way out!   Then set out to get this Living Water so we also may also give it.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
For they shall be filled.  Matt 5:6

“ He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.” John 7:38

The Lord will guide you continually,
And satisfy your soul in drought,
And strengthen your bones;
You shall be like a watered garden,
And like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail. Is 58:11


My passion is Jesus. My desire is to share Him with others. My prayer is that He is glorified.

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