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Prophetic Word: The Coming Tsunami

Will I find faith when I come?  Faith is a substance.  It has weight, in the kingdom of God.  Faith is like what money is to the world for those who are of the Kingdom of God.  It is of My economy.  How much faith do you have?  How do you know if you have the kind of faith I look for?  Do not worry about the things you have need of, that pertain to your day to day lives.  Be concerned with filling up with kingdom treasuries by using faith to believe in who I AM.  The work that I desire is for those to believe in Me.  This kind of believing does not remain stagnant but will move you to do what I call you to do.  You cannot say you believe in Me and remain unmoved.  It is faith that made many well because they believed in who I AM.  What you do with what I give will prove if you have the faith I look for.  I give you My life.  I give you the keys to My Kingdom.  How many desire to join Me, to enjoy My company – in My Kingdom?  Many say they love Me and many call Me Lord – but do not seek to know who I AM.  I am faithful to My Bride and she is faithful to Me. 

The hour is upon the earth where this kind of faith will be what brings you through.  If you do not contain faith, you will be overcome by what comes.  For what comes is like a tsunami and only those who contain faith in Me, will be able to ride the wave and not succumb to it.  It will be all hell’s fury and no man in their own strength will be able to stand.   

Daily Walk with Jesus 

But stay awake at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that are going to take place, and to stand before the Son of Man. Luke 21:36

Then they asked him, “What must we do to do the works God requires?”Jesus answered, “The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.” John 6:28-29

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Prophetic Word: How to experience Peace and Contentment

One who is unthankful and ungrateful have put themselves under what is like a curse.  They will not find rest nor will they be at peace because they always see what they must have or do not yet have.  When they get what they desire they are not able to enjoy or be at peace with it, because they strive in their hearts for more.  This is the fruit of those who do not find Me to be their all in all.  I AM what they need.  When you find Me as the source of your life, you will also find peace and rest and contentment.  In this, you will also be able to hear Me speak to you. 

The parable of the sower reveals this.  In the heart that is good, that is, that has come to realize that I AM is all that they need – then this life will flourish in the things of God.  But to the one who seeks only for themselves, the cares of this life and all its worries, dreams and desires will not be able to enter My Kingdom to remain there in all its fullness and blessing.

Settle in your heart this matter for it is a matter of life or death; Where do you seek to find fulfillment – is revealed; it will be in this world or in Me. One or the other, there is no middle ground.

Daily Walk with Jesus

Matt 13 Colossians 3:17 James 4:4

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Prophetic Word: We are at War

Who is wise and understanding among you? Let him show by good conduct that his works are done in the meekness of wisdom. But if you have bitter envy and self-seeking in your hearts, do not boast and lie against the truth.  This wisdom does not descend from above, but is earthly, sensual, demonic. For where envy and self-seeking exist, confusion and every evil thing are there. But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy. Now the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace. James 3:13-18 

When men are left to themselves that is they seek only to please themselves they will be filled with all manner of wicked and evil.  This is what is seen today as the result.  The outcome is notably bizarre in nature for it is from the pit of hell.  The inward man who seeks only for his good pleasure will be fueled by hells fury.  Why?  Because nothing will ever satisfy the inner man – the part that only I may fill.  The rage he has is the realm in which he is engaged for its fruit is hatred, jealousy, discontent, depression, fear.  The evil one has but a short time and has poured out upon all who are ones who seek to please themselves, and who are discontent.  Discontent is what fuels jealousy and envy.  The ones who follow their own way, reveal how they are so unhappy because of the discontent they walk in.  The father of lies, tells any soul who will give him ear, how much they do not have and why they need to have this or that and that they need always more. 

Men no longer want to be men.  Women no longer want to be women.  Children no longer want to be children.  This is the lie.  My way is THE WAY.  Where I AM there is no confusion.  You have today not one way – as the truth.  You have all ways.  This is why there is confusion.  The truth that the world abides in is found in each ones heart and the god of this world is who rules.  Everything you see today that hates Me – is by design of the enemy of your soul.  He has accomplished much even to change what I call good, My creation.  He hates all that I have created.  This is plain to see – today.  Children hate their parents.  Parents hate their children.  Men hate Women.  Women hate men.  Babies are hated in the womb.  Do you see the fingerprint of Satan?  Do not be shocked at what you see today, for I said this would come.  Do not be overcome with this evil, but overcome it with good.  Do not focus on praying against what you see, to stop it for it will be as it is written.  Your task is to keep yourself unspotted from the world and doing what you know to do that is good.  Do not look for trouble!  I do not call you to protest according to the world’s rules.  Your task is to be about My business.  It is dangerous and do not doubt how easy it is to be snared in this world wide web. 

You must remember that the tactic Satan successfully uses is seduction.   You are to be like a soldier who stands watch and does not rest because you know the enemy is out there and seeks to take you out.  Your armor and warfare is found in Me and My Word.  I AM your refuge and hiding place.  I feed you so you will not crave what the world gives.  Do not fear in speaking what is true, when this is necessary.  Again, do not look for trouble.  If I give to you a task, a special operation to go and do a work for Me in the midst of hells fury, then you go.  But do not go presumptuously as many do – for they will be putting themselves in harms way.  Not only themselves but also their children and spouses.   Think of this like you are living in a war zone.  The soldier must listen to the commander for instruction.  If he goes on his own, he will not have the necessary backing he needs for success.  You are in a war zone.  Do not go off on your own whim.  Understand how important and vital it is for you to be firmly in Me.  This is your task.  When you draw close to Me, I am close to You and you hear My instruction.  Be mindful, prayerful and filled with My Word – as you go out.  Take nothing you do or go as a small task.  Remember the enemy is watching you with keen eyes.  Make sure what you do, lines up with My Word in all you do. 

When you are among evil – praise My name and lift up your voice in thanksgiving for who I AM.  For in so doing you are waging a great battle in the unseen realm.  Offer others a drink – of water from the living waters.  If they do not want a drink, that is their choice.  Your mission is not to save others. Let My Word be in you mouth, to speak in due season. For it is I who will save them. You are to BE My soldier, who represents Me and does all that I instruct you.  And as you carry out My orders, I will be who works in you all that is My good pleasure. How can you know My instructions if you do not seek My Book to find them?  Do not be consumed by the evil of today.  It is as it is written.  Make your occupation – Me and who I AM.  In this, you will hear Me and I will provide for you all that you have need of. 

Daily Walk with Jesus

The biggest battle of our lives – is the day we live today! The more we are on our knees and in the Word the more powerful we become in His name – Praise the Lord! May we learn how to let the Lord lead us in all we do, Amen.

Ecclesiastes 2  Proverbs 13:25  Isaiah 55:2  Ezekiel 7:19 John 14:6 2 Corinthians 4:4 James 1:27

Matthew 5:43-44 Mark 13:11-13  1 Peter 5:8  Philippians 2:25  2 Timothy 2:3  2 Timothy 2:4  Philemon 1:2  Ephes 6:10-20

John 15  Psalm 150  Philippians 4:8  Hebrews 2:12  Hebrews 13:15  1 Peter 1:7

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Prophetic Word: You live what you believe

How can anyone leave (Me) behind, so they may pursue for themselves their own desires and expect to be counted as Mine?  When you are not connected to the Vine, you will not flow in the Life I give so you may live.  You will quickly wither and die and be gathered to burn in the fire.  You cannot believe in Me and also leave Me for other pursuits.  To believe is to live what it is you believe.  You do not truly believe in Me when you do not continue with Me.  You cannot live two separate lives one where you believe in Me and another where you live according to your own will and way.  There is confusion among you who think that since you believe in Me you are forever in My Hands.  You are confused because the truth is not in you.  Let the truth enter your understanding.  Listen to what the Word says not what you want it to say nor what you have been told it means.  You have been saved – for Me.  Yet how many believe that they have been saved for themselves?  To be saved for yourselves you will see and believe that once you have believed in My name you are forever in My kingdom.  You believe this because YOU are on the throne.  When you see that it is I who is on the throne your view will change.  You were bought to become My possession and My workmanship.  You no longer live to please yourself, but you live to please Me.  If you do not live to please Me, you cannot be counted as one of Mine.  You are salt that has lost its flavor and good for nothing.  I will never leave nor forsake any who are Mine for I am faithful.  Do not mistake this to mean that you – even if you forsake Me can continue to remain in the Vine.  You who forsake Me have walked out from the assurance freely give to all.  The love I have for you has nothing to do with you walking away from Me.  I continue to love for this who I AM.  MY love tells the truth, and is plain for those who want to see what is true and who do not look to their own hearts to perceive its truth.   

Be not deceived.  Who do you believe?  What do you believe?  Why do you believe it?  The motive of your heart will reveal if you are seeking in truth or of your own selfish motives.  Many believe because they do not want to go to hell.  This is not a right motive to believe.  Only when a man or woman sees they are sinners, who are dead in their sins – who realize they need a Savior and understand that nothing they do is good enough to save them.  When they see that the only hope they have is for a Savior to give them new life, His life – this is the right heart in believing. 

This kind of heart has the blessed assurance of eternal salvation.  This faith is one that understands the value and vital importance of connecting to the Vine and the need to feed from the tree of Life.  To turn from the tree of Life, and forsake it, is to wither and die. 

Daily Walk with Jesus

John 15  Matt 5:13  Eph 1:3-14  Eph 2:4-10  Romans 8:31-39 James 3:16-17

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Prophetic Word: Faith in Faith = No Power

This is faith in faith: where the man of God has shifted his way of believing – where he no longer believes, or perhaps never did – in who I AM.  Faith in faith is common among you.  When one has been deceived in this kind of faith, they will not know the moving of the Holy Spirit – in them.  They may be moved to live morally but they are moved from outside of themselves.  The Word is the law and what they follow.  They are loyal and do not waiver but nevertheless are not led by My Spirit.  Faith in faith allows for men’s understanding (and interpretation) of My Word to be what leads them.  Faith in Me is to surrender entirely so they may take their eyes off of themselves, the world and all that the mind may instruct – to forsake this.  You must lock your eyes, mind and heart on who I AM so you may walk in true faith.  When you walk in truth, then you are able to be My faithful witnesses.  I will entrust you with My Spirit who will lead you and demonstrate who I AM in you and among you. 

Faith in faith is deceptive and widespread among the believing and is the broad way because it is easy to have faith in faith.  It is easy to say you believe.  Because this kind of faith allows you to be in control of how and what you may believe.  For faith of this kind – is simply to believe.  The faith I command is beyond simply believing.  Faith in Me demands that you surrender – and let go unto Me.  You keep nothing for yourself but instead you give everything to Me BECAUSE you have faith in who I AM.  Faith in faith does not surrender and does not yield to who I AM.  It is like a peg driven in the ground and it becomes its own thing.  Faith in Me flows and is fluid and does not stand upon anything but who I AM.  I then can take such souls into who I AM and teach them all things. 

Careful that you do not slip into this kind of faith, to mix in with who I AM.  I am not a promise that one proclaims and stands upon.  I AM not something one takes up – like one takes up because it is of interest to pursue.  I am not a set of do’s and don’ts.  I am not confined into a mission statement.  I am not bound in statements of beliefs.  Do not treat Me as if I come to serve you.  This kind of faith, which expects to be served puts Me in a box.  Faith in faith is the product of one who uses Me for their purpose and goal.  They use this kind of faith to feel good about their religion and the good they do.  It may be passionate faith, but is no less idolatry. 

How can one know that they practice faith in faith and not faith in I AM? 

The children of Israel – revealed this kind of faith.  One of the prominent ways was when they easily forsook who I AM to place their faith upon a molded calf.  They created their own image of who they wanted to place their faith in.  They were delirious with joy as they celebrated faith in faith. While my servant Moses went up to meet with I AM, on their behalf, they did not wait in faith in who I AM. Many would say that they would have never done this, if they lived in that day.  But in fact many do – live in this way.  They believe they are serving Me while they have created a god of their own image and taste – one that they can see, touch and feel.   They confuse what makes them feel good, as pleasing to Me but know this, faith in faith demands and takes for yourself and is selfish.  Faith in Me – yields and gives – yourself.  Faith in faith has an agenda.  Faith in Me – cannot exist with agendas. 

Be on guard against this kind of faith.  This kind of faith actually denies Me and My power.  It is powerless and lives are changeless.  They may be religious, and have many things to say that may be lofty and even beautiful regarding who I AM, but look for My Power in them, is it there?  All who walk in faith (in Me), will have the witness of who I AM in them in deed and in power!  When anyone believes in who I AM they will not live changeless lives, for I AM alive in them.  They will testify of who I AM not just in the Word but in their lives.  They will live what they believe.  I will be present where they are for I am not dry, and mere words to share with others. 

If you do not experience living waters in you, go back to where you have fallen, and see if you put your faith in faith.  Give to Me what it is I have asked and I will give you the power that raises the dead.  Do not fear My Power nor try to put it into a box of your understanding for then it will be snuffed out.  My Holy Spirit in you – must be who leads you.  Do not try to lead Me in and by your own understanding.  I AM unlimited.  Ask Me for My Holy Spirit and I give to all who desire this and do not let fear be what you are led by.  Fear of the unknown. 

How many who believe in the Father and the Son but are terrified of My Spirit to lead?  Be like the child who embraces who I AM easily in all who I AM.  You do not have, because you have not asked.  You do not know that you can move mountains and can cast out demons because you say it is not for you or for this day.  You have faith in faith.  Faith in faith expects I AM to join you in what you are doing.  Faith in I AM commands you join Me in what I AM doing. 

The Word will only come alive in Spirit and Truth, otherwise it will remain dead.  Do not be deceived since the Word may be spoken to take as evidence of who I AM.  Look for My Word in Spirit and in Truth.  Only by My Spirit can this be true.  The Word without this is legalism and will end up being the product of works-based religion.  For if My Spirit is not who leads, then the flesh takes what is spoken and works it out. 

How many forget, it is I who builds My church.  Come and join Me in what I am doing.  Turn from your doings and find Me in where I am calling you to BE. 

Daily Walk with Jesus

Years ago, I sought the Lord in a deeply perplexing time in my life and to which He gave me a profound and unexpected answer. I believe it was not only for me but for all of us:

I had a question for God.

I was surround by confusion and the stress to make some important decisions

So I asked

‘God, what is it that I should do?’

Tired, defeated and felling alone… I hoped for an answer.

In my heart I heard this


Just be.

As you are simply, being, be with Me.

For this is where you will truly find life and live.

When you are just being, there will be no room for fear, and where I AM fear cannot remain.

Expectation in yourself and others will vanish when your eyes are upon Me and you will be satisfied – for I do not disappoint.

This is the key that unlocks the door to peace.

Peace is not just a feeling or state of being, but who I AM.

So for today, just be, with Me for as we are together you will hear Me and I will tell you many things and you will find your way through.

My delight is in you. Won’t you take delight in Me?’ 

1 Cor 4:20 1 Corinthians 2:4 Matt 8:5-13 Matt 21:21-22 Exodus 32 John 15 Psalm 37  Mark 12:24  Acts 19:20  Romans 15:19 1 Cor 12

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Prophetic Word: Lawlessness

In the blood contains life.  My Life, is in My Blood.  My Blood washes away sin.  Drink My Blood so it is inside you and cleanses what is unclean.  Feed off of Me and you will live in My Kingdom.  In this is love, I have laid down My life for you, now you are able to love Me and others.  To love Me is to know Me.  You cannot love Me and practice lawlessness too.  For all who practice lawlessness, I do not know.  The blood I have given you is trampled upon by those who continue to practice lawlessness. 

Sexual immorality is one of Satan’s gateway that leads many into their doom as you sin against your own body, and offer it up to Satan for his use.  There are many who are in sexual immorality who are deceived thinking all is well.  I am talking of those who say they believe in the blood of Jesus to save them. 

My blood saves, yes, so you no longer are slaves to sin and to remain as workers of lawlessness.

You cannot practice lawlessness and be washed of your sins by My Blood.  My blood indeed washes away sins so that your body is a temple for Me to dwell.  You may fool yourself and others but you don’t fool Me.  If you knew Me, you would hear Me tell you what is true.  But, because you practice lawlessness, you will not hear the truth but will continue to twist what the Word says to justify your sin. 

The sin of Idolatry is also lawlessness.  How many are idol worshipers among those who believe in Me?  What consumes you?  What takes the majority of your time, thoughts and money?  Whatever you are slave to is who/what you will obey. 

How many who serve Me like Martha – and do not see the need to know who I AM?  Some of these are those who easily practice in their sins while they serve Me.  They are the ones who will say to Me, ‘Lord, Lord…’

Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’ Matt 7:21-23

Daily Walk with Jesus

Leviticus 17:11  Heb 13:19-21  John 8:19 John 10:27

1 Cor 6:17-19

John 6:53  John 8:34  Romans 6:6  Romans 6:16 Romans 6:18-22

Heb 10:28-30  Gal 5:19-21  1 Cor 6:9-11

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Prophetic Word: Acts of Love

Each day that passes brings you closer to My coming.  Every day I give is for you to prepare for My coming.  Do not be consumed with the day’s doings.  Build yourself deeper into Me so that what consumes you is Me.  As you let Me be who occupies you I will give you all you need.  Whatever you do or what you are going through, I will show you the way to go.  Praise My name.  Let your heart be thankful.  And do not be troubled.  Look to Me, not what troubles you.  Spend time with Me in all that you do.  Treat Me like I am right there beside you, and in you.  Ask Me how I feel about things that you encounter during the day and expect Me to tell you.  It is not long that we will be together and when I come, so is it not fitting that you enjoy being together – today?  I have much I desire to share with you but you must give to Me – you.  Love Me with your undivided attention.  I open up to you My Word so come and join Me.  Come and sit with Me, just to be with Me and for no other reason.  Practice with Me the Presence of the Lord God Almighty, in your word, thoughts and deeds.  As you carry out your day in this way, you minister to Me much blessing and will not be without reward. 

Daily walk with Jesus

Luke 10:38-42  Matt 6:25-34 Col 3:16-17  Ephesians 5:17-21

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Prophetic Word: Is Your faith limited?

I AM who I AM

Believe in Me

So where I AM

You may be also.

I AM more than a thought to think.

For in Me is where all fullness dwells.

Do not just think to believe in Me, but find who I AM.

I AM bigger than this life because I AM Everlasting Life.

Hope in Me – Yes!  But also learn to allow My Hope to dwell in You.  For this, you must go beyond yourself.

Look past what you see with your eyes, what you feel to find where I AM. 

Do not settle for less than I AM.

I AM the Way

I AM the Truth

I AM the Life.

I AM the Highway of Holiness.

I AM the Living Water.

I AM your healing.

I AM the Bread of Life.

I AM more than anything you are plagued with, or what tempts you and even consumes you. 

Get to Know who I AM.

For I AM more than a concept to believe in.  For a concept is limited.  I AM unlimited.

As far as you are willing to go – in Me is how much you will know who I AM.

You must get beyond – what you think I AM but to come and experience who I AM. 

Repent for believing with your intellect.  Be released from the boundary of your mind. 

To have the kind of faith I look for has nothing to do with you and what you believe is true.  It is what you KNOW is true.  This kind of faith involves purposeful seeking.

In Me is where your inheritance exists.  All that I have is yours. 

In Me is wholeness

In Me is right-ness.

In Me is peace.

Only when you are willing to go beyond yourself can you be where I AM. 

I AM above.  Come to Me where I AM.  Leave the limitations of your mind, circumstances, your body and this world. 

Worship Me in Spirit and Truth, for this is where I AM.

Daily Walk with Jesus

In this exhortation I sense that the Lord is calling us to go higher and to give to Him more than what is usual. He literally is calling us to go ‘above and beyond’. He is challenging us to find Him where we have yet to discover who He is. The Lord says we seek and believe Him often through the lens of our (limited) mind and not who He is. I put my hand up and agree with Him and repent!

Ex 3:14 John 8:58 Is 35 Ephes 1: 15-23  Ephesians 3 Col 1:1-3  Colossians 1:18-20 Colossians 1:27John 4:14   John 6:35-41 John 14:19-21 John 17:10  John 17:16  John 17:24  Luke 18:8  Romans 5:5 Rom 8:24-26

Matt 5: 5-15  James 5:13-18 Matt 5:31-34  John 4:23-24

Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Rom 15:13

Strong’s Concordance: I AM

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Prophetic Word: Playing Games with God

I AM Light and what is true.  Can a man lie – to Me?  When men lie to Me they play a dangerous game. 

Many would say they love Me, see if this is true.

What is love?  It is not when a man lays down his life for his friend?  Am I your friend? 

But anyone who loves darkness loves what is evil and what I hate.  You may lie and say that you love Me that others may believe you but do not be deceived in thinking I am mocked!  You lie against the truth, who I AM and love darkness that keeps you from the light of what is truth. 

You may go through the motions that look upstanding and godly in the eyes of your fellow men but you do not fool Me. 

I have not come to condemn the world but to save it and by love I give My life so none would perish.  But if anyone rejects Me they are condemned already because they love the darkness and are unwilling to come into the light. 

There is a song that has been sung by children, ‘Jesus loves me this I know for the bible tells me so’ – and this is what those who love the dark cling to:  ‘Jesus loves me.’  They know nothing of My Cross but only seek My love and are deceived by this. 

To anyone who I love, they will receive Me when I knock.  I wait for all who I have died for, to open up the door to invite Me in so we may enjoy fellowship with one another.  You may say that I love you but do not let this be your gospel truth.  For yes, I love – but My love is not what saves you.  What saves you is to receive Me – and My love will enter in to make our home in you.  When this is true, you will not love darkness but see it for what it is.  You will run from darkness into the light – because of My love that you now have in you.  If you do not desire to walk in the light, and be open and honest with Me to show me your heart – My love has not yet come in you. 

Do not play the dangerous game any longer, saying you love Me, or I love you– when you continue to love and practice in darkness.  Open the door and receive Me – so you may be saved. 

Daily Walk with Jesus

Is 5: 20 James 3: 13-15 John 15:13 1 John 2:3-6  1 John 2: 15-16 1 John 4:15-16  1 John 5: 1-5  John 3: 16-21  John 8: 12  John 11: 10  John 12: 36  John 12: 46  Ephes 5:14 James 4:4  Rev 3:19-21

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Prophetic Word: The Desires of Your Heart

The will of (religious) men or the will of God?  How can you tell which it is you seek? 

How you hold and watch over your desires will reveal what is true. 

Do you hold your own desires close to your heart?  How do you know? 

Unless you crucify – your desires, they will remain to be your desires.  They are earthly and sensual.  All that you desire, love and aspire – will not go further than beyond yourself and the earth if you do not release them to Me.

Men of God and women of God have worked in their ministries all their lives not realizing that they did not have My desires at all in their hearts, but their own.

You cannot have what is Mine unless you give it up first.  Abraham demonstrated this.  Unless you are willing to lose it you cannot be trusted with it – in My Kingdom.  This is how so many who have been given – from Me, the passion and desire for a particular ministry when they do not hold on to the ministry with open hands, but clench it tightly – it remains their desire and never becomes My desire in them. 

You must understand that if you desire to live in Me you must be willing to give up, anything I ask for.  This is how I know that I may entrust My desires in you.  And My Spirit will flow and prove what is Mine and alive in you. 

How many carry around dead works because they become fearful and greedy in what they have.  All that anyone has does it not come from Me?  Look at the wicked servant who buried his talent into the ground!  I do not take delight in this, but am filled with fury for it. 

What do you have?  Do you have only a little bit of oil in a jar?  You must be willing to give it all away to Me so you may have My abundance.  Like the widow, who was ready to die for starvation she gave her last to make Elijah a meal – and so she was given much more by the Hand of God.  Do not cling or hoard to what you have been given.  That means also your children, grandchildren, spouse, house, car, job – all these do not keep them gripped in your hand but release them to Me.  Your ministry will never come to be in My power and will unless you understand that to receive from Me you must first give up, all to Me.  Where you fear – even today, indicates you horde something.  Take a closer look to see what it is you must release to Me, to give away.  

To the one who understands My economy, will be one who is able to prosper and contain the desire of God in their heart.  When you contain My desire there is nothing that can interfere as you set out to achieve it.  Remember:  I give generously, and without measure to all who are willing to surrender all to Me.  Hold nothing tightly in your hands.  But everything you have with a open hand unto the Lord.

Our Daily Walk with Jesus

Gen 22:1-19 1 Kings 17:8-16  2 Kings 4:1-7 Psalm 37:3-5 Matt 10:38-39  Matt 25:14-30  Luke 6:38  Luke 17:32-33 James 1:17  Rev 3:17-19